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Excellence and Precision: 
the focus of every build

Consultation Phase

After you are able to reach out over the phone or in an email, we will schedule a preliminary meeting at the build site or at our office with you to discuss the scale of your project. Some clients who are working with an architect like to include them in this meeting. If you have gone another route and purchased pre-fabricated plans, having drawings to look over would be helpful for us to determine our approach to the project.

Proposal Phase

After our initial meeting, we can put together a general proposal. Review of the plan, site, ballpark pricing, and other information will be included. Based on this information, you will be able to determine whether or not Mountain Craft Builders is a good fit for your project.

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Pre-Construction Phase

During this phase you will have the option of receiving a more thorough project outline. Our outline will include detailed explanations of the estimated timeline, discussing subcontractors, pricing estimates, and other details. This takes professional experience in planning, drafting, specifying, and reviewing with you all the components of a project. Once you are comfortable with the detailed budget proposal, we can sign the final contract and move forward into the construction process.

Construction Phase

Working with Mountain Craft Builders will guarantee you a seamless construction process. Our highest priority is your satisfaction through every step of the way. Keeping an open line of communication allows us to ensure that we are meeting your expectations and that the project is progressing in a timely manner.

We will stay in touch with you throughout the construction process - our company uses an app called Build Book where you can view live updates about your project, see photos of the site, and stay in contact with us. Our project management team will conduct regular site visits and work directly with our crew to keep the job running efficiently.


Throughout the construction phase, there will be various visits from county building inspectors. Their role is to verify that our construction is up to local and state building codes and guidelines. Before we are able to officially finalize the project, one last inspection is done to ensure that all regulations are met to their satisfaction. Afterwards, we conduct a walkthrough with the client to ensure that you are satisfied with the final product.

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